Friday, April 6, 2007

In Praise Of Clients – Trelise Cooper

Architects will always tell you that great buildings need great clients. It’s the same in our business. A perfect example came out of a meeting our Worldwide Director of Design, Derek Lockwood, had with New Zealand fashion designer Trelise Cooper. Trelise wanted to create a destination fashion store for young girls. Her brief: “I want a kid’s store!” It was that simple, and that inspirational. Derek worked with Trelise to create a world of imagination fit for little girls and fairies. In this place the kids control the experience. That’s why the furniture is scaled down and the clothes displayed at kid’s-eye level. When you are next in Auckland check out Mystery, Sensuality and Intimacy in action. Even if you don’t have a young daughter, you will find the experience enchanting.


Josephine said...

Oh Kevin. Love this little shop.

You know when something just makes you catch your breath and you want to just

well that's me all


Kempton said...

Beautiful attention to details everywhere. Love the ceiling and floor in particular. Great design and great client indeed.