Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Any More

On the 20th of January this year, the heart of Saatchi & Saatchi missed a beat. It was the day we lost Paolo Ettorre, the Special One. The Godfather. Paolo was our CEO in Italy and one of the inspirational forces of our network. Warm and generous, he was the spirit of Italy wrapped in the body of an extraordinary man. To me he was a friend and a role model, a man who loved life and lived it with heart. His son and my son both work for Saatchi & Saatchi and flat together in London. Paolo and I were proud and happy that our friendship could cross a generation. That's how it should be. Paolo always put his family first and we wish them every comfort in the world.

Ciao Paolo.


Emanuele said...

One day of two years ago, I decided to send a CV to Kevin Roberts, asking to work for S&S... for free, since I had no experiences in AD field.

Incredibly he replied with these words that are printed in my memory: "please meet Paolo Ettorre in Rome. He is much more inspirational than us. KR".

And Paolo met me personally.
My firts step of recruitment was with the Europe CEO, together with Fabrizio Caprara, italian general director.

They told me that work in S&S was impossibile since I had no experience in advertising. I asked Paolo "then, why am I here? You could already know that by reading my CV!"
He replied: "YOU should already know why, as you received Mr. Roberts' mail: he is my boss, he told me to meet you, I'm simply doing it!". And he smiled.

Now I received another mail from your boss, with a very sad news.

I know we'll meet again, and we'll have time to talk, and I'm sure that you'll offer me something to drink and you'll tell me that if we were back on earth, you would have taken me in your team.


micky denehy said...

Amen, Paolo you are missed by us all at Saatchi & Ssaatchi.

Rest in peace


Gildas said...

Everybody wants to work for him, with him or against him...
Nothing is impossible

But dreams are useful has to advance, not has to eat...

I'm free to work for U too

Gildas from Paris