Tuesday, March 6, 2007

One From The Heart

I believe that we are living in the Attraction Economy and that in this world you have to create entertaining, engaging and focused connections, or everyone walks away. In my business this is the world where consumers are in control and selling by yelling is a waste of space. It is also the world of blogs. Over the next year I will be posting on the stuff that amazes and delights, inspires and intrigues me.

I hope it does the same for you.


Kempton said...

Dear Kevin,

Welcome to the blogosphere. I look forward to the insights that you will be sharing. Great stuff.


Simon said...

Welcome to Blogging, Kevin. It's a whole new universe!



Allison said...

Thank you Kevin for the opportunity to connect. This is going to be an interesting and enjoyable time/space.

NZ Ally

Mike on the Bike said...

I really got a kick out of the Google feed.I am a dentist by profession but way backin High School ( And I do mean way back 1960 or so) :) I read a book by Vance packard , "Hidden Persuaders" . It triggered a life long interest in advertising and promotion. I have not looked at an ad in the same way since. In the Canadian military I was introduced to the writings of DSr Edward de Bono, His book "Lateral thinking" has so many connections to advertising and life in general.
Fast forward to about 5 years ago. I was in the Toronto area celebrating my 25th aniversary with my extended family. I was sleeping near a TV and turned it on as I was the first awake. I was watching CNN and a program called Meet the CEO came on. I really was not in a mood to see some wanker in a three peice suit posing proudly beside his Ferarri waxing on about his MBA thesis...As good fortune would have it i was a bit slow on the remote and Kevin came out in a NZ All Black's Sweater...got my attention and the rest is history.
What an eye opener...i don;t use advertising directly for my profession but I now look at ads , again , with a new emotion. :)
As I have mentioend in other posts, I was alate bloomer and had my "kids" at 40 and 43, and what a wonderful time that has been. I use some of the inspirations from Packard, De Bono and Kevin to help my son promote his music.
So this blog is a real treat for me. Thanks to the net NZ is as close as Dildo Newfoundland now ( yes there is a town called Dildo Newfoundland. But I digress

Mike on the Bike in Ottawa Canada

Josephine said...

Hi Mr R.

Great to see you blogging-I love blogging-it's addictive, funny, sometimes really intense...but it's authentic and it gives the reader a little insight into another person's world.