Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Lovemarks Effect At Google

We launched the first Lovemarks book at The New Yorker so it felt totally right to launch the latest book The Lovemarks Effect at Google. My challenge to them was simple: be inspired by consumers, not just by technology. Google being Google have put my presentation online so the Lovemarks Effect is breaking out everywhere...

People often ask how brands that you don’t taste, touch, smell or hear can become Lovemarks given the importance of Sensuality. I guess if you actually had to eat the brand and it was a chair, that would be a problem but, as Apple famously demonstrated with their YUM! advertising campaign, even computers can have flavor. Most of our decisions are emotional and as human beings we all relish metaphor. That’s how an online company like Google can aspire to be a Lovemark. By metaphor and association. Great restaurants discovered by search, boxes of Spring bulbs and amazing chocolates delivered to the door, Google connects us with them all and our senses remember them for it.


Kempton said...

Hi Kevin,

This is cool. I have been waiting for your Google talk since Oct 30 last year when I learned about it from Nicole. I am so glad that Google finally put this video up. I look forward to watching it now.


P.S. Speaking about chocolate, I remember Team One (USA) had made a great short documentary in the Sisomo website about chocolate (under the Sisomo Experience Video section as an ad for Lexus).

I love it and highly recommend that video to chocolate lovers. I actually wanted to link to that video on my blog if but the site is pretty much locked up for any direct linking. Ah, too bad.

Elizabeth Love said...

Hi from the edge, Kevin!
Thanks for the opportunity to view the launch through the 'intimacy' of your blog. The thoughts you spoke of are all I want for my mark-making business.
Take care.

Josephine said...

Mr Roberts, hello.

What do you think? Could you add one more element of a lovemark to your list?

How do you feel about the word enchantment..some definitions..



The power or quality of attracting: allure, allurement, appeal, attraction, attractiveness, call, charisma, charm, draw, enticement, fascination, glamour, lure, magnetism, witchery. Informal pull.

It would be interesting to know what you think.


Dave P said...

Hi Kevin,

I watched your presentation last night during the ad breaks of the Discovery progamme on the testing of the Airbus A380. (there is a product that needs to become a lovemark if Airbus is going to succeed)
Thanks for putting this up for viewing, it has got me thinking!

Mike on the Bike said...

I saw Kevin on CNN some years ago and I have been a follower and fan since. great video, I have forwarded it to my musician son. There are a lot of great concepts to look into to promote his music and his studio.
since I am involved as a helper not apusher ( Big difference it is his gig :) ) I enjoyed it immensely. Thanks for this
Anyoen with ideas on the site drop me a line

Music is about love and respect in so many ways. That's why I am thrilled all my favourites are on the road again. The Who, CSNY, Dylan, The Guess Who, they have respect as musicians and we give them love perhaps due to our own memories of the music :)
Mike on the Bike in Ottawa

Allison said...

On the topics of flowers and chocolate....

CONGRATULATIONS Kevin on receiving the Tall Poppy award here in NZ! I think you deserve a very large chocolate fish!
I'm really enjoying your posts and look forward to reading the new book.

Anonymous said...

Why do you say you are from the same place as Craig when you are from England?

Also, why does you accent differ from when you give talks in the UK to in the USA?