Friday, March 16, 2007

Bracken Darrell - Engineering Magic At Braun

Bracken is Global President of the electronics design icon Braun. A couple of weeks ago I had a great dinner with him in Frankfurt at the Villa Kennedy. (As an aside, Rocco Forte sure knows how to put love into hotels. Who could resist the attractions of JFK’s Bar and Lounge in Germany of all places?) Bracken is the guy who will make Braun the next Motorola / Apple. He's inclusive, empathetic and a great connector. He's put together a multinational team which builds Braun's German heritage and is powering it up to take consumer led innovative design to the world. He totally understands the power of design to make a direct connection with the consumer’s heart. In our conversation over dinner I could feel the passion and enthusiasm that is the only way to inspire the creation of irresistible products. Bracken has given Braun its mojo back. Watch out for what’s coming next. A male personal grooming design revolution is in the wings.


Kempton said...

Making "Braun the next Motorola / Apple" is high praise and setting a really high standard indeed. Would you please share with us some cool Braun products as you see them, if and when these products do come up ?

Kevin Roberts said...

No one would love to reveal Braun's latest ideas ahead of time more than me - but we will have to wait a little longer! Some of the ideas I've seen were still in the design process while others were in the early stages of production. I can only repeat. Hold on tight, Braun Lovemarks coming down the line.